We Are One

in God


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The Peace of God

Surrounds Me


God's Grace Flows
Through My Soul
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Available in sterling silver ~ Custom order in gold or platinum
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  Sherry Stearn, our VP of Sales/Marketing,
and her husband, Phil Morse, wearing Souligraphy
pendants at their wedding.
"Janet has used these symbols on me during healing sessions. I felt alot of warmth and a release of emotion that I was holding onto. When I wear the jewelry symbol - it always makes me feel uplifted and reminds me of my connection to the Source."
Sherry Stearn ~ Boston, MA
"Dear Janet, I wore your necklace again today (We Are One in God) and
wanted to tell you that whenever I wear it, which is quite often, not only
do I have a sense of well being and connection to Source, I also always
have people approach me to tell me how beautiful, graceful, stunning
and engaging the piece is. I totally agree with them!
Thanks for creating such a beautiful and meaningful piece. It is my go
to piece of jewelry whenever I know I might have a challenging day as
well as my go to necklace when I want to wear something beautiful."
Susy Nason
Interfaith Minister ~ New York, NY

"Thank you for these truly inspired offerings from your heart and soul,
Janet. What exquisite reminders of our connection to Source, invoking
a deep reminder of who we really are."
Restoring Connection®, Psychotherapist ~ New York, NY
"It is exactly right about the viewer or wearer being guided by the
symbol - I have so much jewelry, Janet, and the only necklace I
wear now is 'Grace.' It keeps me focused. It's true."
Lee-Ann Klein, MS, RD
Nutritionist, Work 'N Wellness ~ New Rochelle, NY